Tuesday, April 7, 2009

English-German-Indonesian Translation Service Offer

Dear Prospective Customers,

We live in a global information era and language plays an important role in a global communication. There are some languages that are internationally spoken for many purposes in the areas of business, science and technology, and also arts and culture. It is necessary in the business area for the producers who aim at winning global market to use such international languages in their marketing efforts. It is also necessary for the members of scientific society to use the languages in communicating their scientific works and findings. The languages also play an important role in technology transfer.

I am a freelance English-German-Indonesian Translator, member of Association of Indonesian Translators (Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia/HPI at http://www.hpi.or.id ID Number: HPI-01-12-0593) and wish herewith to offer you a professional translation service.

I translate cross-disciplinary texts (e.g., economics, sociology, philosophy, architecture, technique, medicine, etc.) for scientific purpose such as journals, articles, scholarly papers, and books. I also translate documentary texts for legal and business purposes.

The translation services I offer are of the kind of human translation ones and not machine translation ones. There are indeed some computer programs that are written for the purpose, such as Transtool or any other. Indeed, they give reasonably good results in case of European languages as the source and target languages and need only minor human editing for refinement. However, they have not been able to give reasonably good results in case of European languages and Indonesian both as the source and target languages and vice versa because they are grammatically of different types. European languages belong to Indo-European family, which are grammatically of the type of flexion (i.e., declination and conjugation) and semantically multi-concept, while Indonesian is grammatically of the type of non-flexion and semantically mono-concept. Therefore, the machine translation results of the grammatically and semantically different languages require a lot of human editing for refinement and even the translation results of high difficulty level texts are often unacceptable. Thus, the human translation method is the right choice.

Here are the details of the translation rate:

a. The translation rate of English or German–Indonesian and vice versa is U.S. $0.05 per word. Of course, it is negotiable!

b. The customers will receive the print out of the translation results and also the CD containing the soft copy of the files of the translation results in Microsoft Word and in other possible formats as PDF of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

c. The customers can send the materials to translate via airmail or cargo forwarding agency such as Fedex or DHL or via Internet to my email address.

d. The materials of the translation results will be sent in the same way.

e. The texts will be translated once I have accepted the down payment of the translation service, which is 50% of the total predicted cost.

f. The payment should be transferred to my following bank account: (Provided immediately before the transfer!)

Please never hesitate to ask me questions for more information about me and my translation service! And, thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,
Mr. Nordeen Abdellah
English-German-Indonesian Translator

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