Monday, April 6, 2009

Working as Freelance Translator

It was long before the completion of his German study in the Institute of Teacher Training and Pedagogical Sciences that Mr. Nordeen tried to sell what he had. He was able speak both English and German. It was these abilities that he could sell for some money to support his life. Therefore, he worked as freelance English-German-Indonesian translator, handled second hand translation order and gave the first party receiving the order 15% of the money.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nordeen also tried to find the way to identify who were his real customers who made the order for the first party and to receive the order of his own. His effort was successful. That way he was able to increase his income by 15%. He has been doing the job up to the present. It has been quite long that he did the job till the moment he thought to operate the business in a more serious manner.

Ultimately, he decided to make the plan of a small and simple business and hence he rented a very simple outlet and modified it into an office-like outlet for him to make the translation transaction of his own. He placed a plank in front of the outlet indicating the name of his small business of English-German-Indonesian translation service and called the business EGITS. The outlet is the place where he operates his own business up to the present.

Recently, he makes use of Internet to do the marketing efforts of his translation service.


J. Carlos said...


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Where to promote your translations and interpreting services. A list of internet sites where a freelance translator or a translations company can advertise its services for free.


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